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Female Roly Poly Strippers Stevenage - Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about the big treat in store that will be knocking on your door when you book a female roly poly in Stevenage.

Will the roly poly do a full strip?

The short answer is not always so if your party wants to see it all then check with us first. Some of our female roly poly performers in Stevenage are entertainers rather than strippers however you will still have a great time as they are fantastic performers. Be warned however that some will do things that the stag may never want to remember.....

Can we pick the outfit that the female roly poly Stevenage will wear?

Some customers who book a female roly poly like them to perform dressed as either a policewoman or a nurse. We recommend that sometimes the best surprise is when the roly poly you book in Stevenage is dressed casually. They can pretend to be the bar manager asking the stag to leave because he has been rude to her staff or you can get them to pretend that they used to work with the stag and always fancied them! The variations are limitless and your female roly poly will be more than happy to play along with any story you can make up.

How long does the performance last for?

Our female roly poly performers will normally be with you for around 15-20 minutes and any agency who tell you different is not being honest with you. They are professionals and usually have a set routine that normally revolves around the person you are targeting for the performance. Generally we have found that the after around 20 minutes the stag or birthday boy/girl will have had enough!! Please keep in mind that your performer may have several performances in different locations during the day or night.

Can I choose what the female roly poly does as part of her act?

Most of our female roly polys from Stevenage will have a routine that they have honed to perfection but there is almost always room in the routine for the roly poly to take on any special requests that are a) legal and b) some what decent! Keep in mind however that it is absolutely up to the individual to decide if they are willing or even able to do what you ask as part of their routine. So.... You can ask the roly poly on the night but if they say no please respect that their decision is final. Feel free to run any ideas past us first if you are unsure.

What happens after I book a female roly poly Stevenage?

Once you have paid your booking deposit either online or by the phone then we alert the roly poly that they have a performance and we also remind them within 24 hours of the performance. On the day you will be contacted by your roly poly to check any details and confirm times and requests. We make every effort to ensure your chosen performer can attend. If they have to cancel for any reason then we will try to arrange an alternative performer or offer you a refund of your booking deposit. If you are unhappy for any reason you can cancel the performance although this will result in the loss of your deposit as this covers adminstration costs involved in organising the performance. See our terms and conditions for more details.