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Below are details of Female Strippers in Middlesex available for booking now. If you need a Female Strippers for a birthday, stag or hen night or just for a special event then call us now on 07956 509047.

Details of our top selection of Female Strippers are split by town/area below. The areas covered in Middlesex include Ashford - Middlesex, Brentford, Edgware, Enfeld, Greenford, Hampton, Harrow, Hayes, Hounslow, Isleworth, Northwood, Pinner, Ruislip, Shepperton, Southall, Staines, Stanmore, Sunbury-on-Thames, Teddington, Twickenham, Uxbridge, Wembley, West Drayton.

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Female Strippers West Drayton - Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked the same questions about the service that our female strippers and kissograms in West Drayton provide.

Can I specify an outfit for the female stripper to wear?

Yes of course! Your wish is our command and a lot of our customers request specific outfits with two of the most popular choices being policewoman and nurse. By far the majority of customers who book a female stripper in West Drayton like to see their stripper dressed as a policewoman. Having your stag "arrested" and "disciplined" for bad behaviour is a firm favourite. Handcuffed and covered in whipped cream or strip searched and whipped.... you decide!

How long does the performance last for?

Our female strippers will normally perform for around 15-20 minutes but like all entertainers they love the attention so keep cheering if you want them to keep performing. Your stripper will normally do several performances for different customers in different locations so we expect them to put on a great performance but please keep in mind that they cannot stay all night.

Is it a set routine or can I choose what they do?

You will find that most of our female strippers from West Drayton will have a routine that they have honed to perfection to please and tease. They do try to keep customers happy and most will try to accomodate requests into the routine (within reason of course). It is up to the individual stripper to decide if they are willing or even able to do what you ask as part of their routine. In most circustances the female stripper you hire will undertake all but the strangest of requests. You can ask but please respect that their decision is final.

What is the difference between a female stripper, stripogram or kissogram?

Well they are really very similar services however if you book a female stripper in West Drayton they will tend to do a full strip whereas a kissogram or stripogram tends to be a bit more tongue in cheek with a partial strip and of course a kiss! If you let your female stripper know of any restrictions on how naked they should get before the performance then they will try to stick to your wishes. Anything but a full strip may not be popular with your other guests!

What happens next?

Once you have arranged to hire your female stripper in West Drayton and paid your booking deposit we alert your stripper that they have a performance and remind them within 24 hours of the performance. On the day you will be contacted by your performer to check any details and confirm times and requests. We make every effort to ensure your selected performer can attend however if not then we will arrange a suitable replacement. If you are unhappy for any reason you can cancel the performance although in some circumstances we may not refund your booking deposit (usually within 7 days of the performance). See our terms and conditions for more details.